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Our canned and jarred mushrooms

Maison Borde offers a very wide range of canned mushrooms.

The principle of canning is to sterilise the product by heating it and therefore allow it to be stored for a long time. This is a traditional preservation method, well-known to most mushroom pickers. Easily incorporated in their ready-to-use state, canned mushrooms are THE products you will want to always keep in your cupboard for quick and delicious cooking. A jar or can of mushrooms makes for the perfect accompaniment to all your dishes, offering them a woody taste. Canned mushrooms have less taste than dried mushrooms, as the sterilisation process slightly alters their aromas – though it preserves their benefits such as protein or fibre intake. How you use your canned mushrooms will dictate how strongly their original flavours come through in your cooking. For example: extra porcini mushrooms in a persillade are a great accompaniment for white meat, or why not try adding wild chanterelles to an omelette?
Practical and easy to use, canned mushrooms can be used immediately, while dried mushrooms require much more preparation time before being cooked. Canned mushrooms are therefore an essential ingredient to impress your guests and add a wild touch to all your dishes. They can be used in various preparations: in sauces, pasta, gratins and stuffings, or with meats, vegetables and more.
Canning is a preservation method that suits certain varieties of mushrooms better than others, giving them a less fibrous appearance. This is particularly true of chanterelles and black trumpets. Thanks to preserves, it is now possible to consume mushrooms all year round, as these products can be stored for up to 48 months. Our mushrooms are sterilised and canned in various packaging formats: glass jars or metal cans.

How to prepare canned mushrooms?

Cooking canned mushrooms is very simple. All you have to do is drain and rinse the mushrooms, then fry them in the pan with a little fat. Once reduced, your mushrooms will be ready to add to all your recipes. For some canned mushrooms, we suggest chopping them depending on the size of the mushrooms and your chosen recipe if you prefer smaller pieces.

How to cook canned mushrooms?

Here's a tip for quick and delicious use: sauté the mushrooms well in the frying pan over high heat with a little fat. Once golden brown, lower the heat and add some garlic and parsley. Enjoy! For last-minute preparations, here are our recipe suggestions: in sauces, a persillade or an omelette. Try these other combinations to make canned mushrooms even more delicious: dishes in sauce, meats (red and white), fish, baked eggs, veloutés, gratins, pastas, potatoes and pan-fried vegetables.

How do you eat pickled mushrooms?

We also offer a whole range of pickled mushrooms to enjoy as is, as an aperitif or as a replacement for pickles. With this range of ready-to-use pickled mushrooms, you'll amaze your guests at all your dinner parties: as an aperitif, a starter or even with a dish. These make the ideal accompaniment for cold meats, a charcuterie board, a raclette, on toast (with terrines, cheese or a slice of smoked duck breast), in a mixed salad and much more.

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