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Our partnerships



Proper identification of mushrooms cannot be learnt from books alone. Sharing and passing on knowledge through the generations is an essential part of our profession. Naturally, this has led us to turn to associations, foundations and partners in order to exchange our knowledge and know-how.

les maisons marcon

The Marcon chefs: Régis and Jacques

We work with the triple-Michelin-starred chefs Régis and Jacques Marcon of the Maisons Marcon, located in Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid in the Haute-Loire (43) department. We share a lot with the Maisons Marcon: a passion for our professions, expertise in wild mushrooms, respect for the seasonality of our products, the sharing and transmission of knowledge and know-how, and the love of our mountainous lands of the Haute-Loire. The collaboration between the Maison Borde and the Maisons Marcon was therefore quite natural, as specialists in wild mushrooms, creating the “Les Grandes Origines” range. A selection of dried wild mushrooms of exceptional quality, sourced from the finest regions in both France and across the world. Having developed our expertise in wild mushrooms since 1920, Borde sources varieties of mushrooms in France, from which the Maisons Marcon then selects the products that will go on to form this range based on their organoleptic characteristics. “Les Grandes Origines” range is exclusively dedicated to catering professionals. This is a temporary range for which the varieties on offer depend on the volumes harvested and qualities identified. With this range, we have sought to restore the very best of dried wild mushroom in cooking.

Bocuse winners

The BOW association (Bocuse d’Or Winners)

Since 1987, the best chefs in the world have been competing every two years in a high-level cooking contest: the Bocuse d'Or competition, the Olympic Games of the world of cooking! The Bocuse d'Or Winners Association was created in 2000 to showcase these winning chefs and create firm connections between the winners. Today, the BOW is made up of 48 chefs from 13 countries. Three new chefs join the association every two years (Bocuse d'Or, Bocuse d'Argent and Bocuse de Bronze). In addition to strengthening our ties with the chefs, the Bocuse d'Or Winners association allows us to participate in initiatives that align with our values. For example, it awards the prize for the Best Commis Chef at the Bocuse d'Or competition. We support this promotion of young chefs. The association goes even further for chefs and partners by supporting the micro-credit solidarity organisation, through the publication of cookery books. For a long time now, we have been leading the way with our pilgrim's staff to introduce our wild mushrooms to our customers around the world. Within the Bocuse d'Or Winners Association, member chefs play the same role as true ambassadors for the development of the various culinary arts of world cuisine. As such, we are helping to perpetuate Paul Bocuse's vision by growing this global culinary community.

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hotel le haut allier

The Brun chefs: Camille, Philippe and Clément

For years, we have been working in partnership with Philippe Brun, chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Haut-Allier in Alleyras, Haute-Loire (43). We have developed a range of ready-to-use culinary aids designed for chefs. Easy-to-use products for inventive and tasty cooking. The range consists of 6 products: “Fumet” mushroom stocks (porcini stock, chanterelle stock, morel stock), Coulis (porcini coulis, wild mushroom coulis) and our Duxelle (duxelle with porcini mushrooms). This range of mushroom stocks has been developed in collaboration with Philippe Brun and is designed to stimulate the culinary creativity of chefs. Made exclusively from natural products, with no preservatives or colouring agents, Borde culinary aids offer a veritable concentrate of the aromas and flavours chefs want in their cooking. Recently, we have been working with Philippe's son, Clément Brun, also a chef, who has joined the Haut-Allier team. Work is already underway to promote our range of “Quick & Cook” freeze-dried mushrooms – ready-to-use mushrooms with instant rehydration thanks to the freeze-drying process (link to explain the process). A strong taste and intense flavours for a 100% natural product, with no preservatives or additives: the mushroom in its pure state. Camille Brun, Philippe Brun's daughter-in-law and the restaurant’s head pastry chef, also makes sweet recipes using mushrooms. This creative and innovative chef creates surprising (in the very best sense of the word) sweet and savoury combinations – both delicate and gourmet!

les maisons marcon

Papilles & Pupilles

Anne Lataillade launched her culinary blog under the name of Papilles & Pupilles in 2005. Anne Lataillade never expected to find herself in the world of culinary blogging. A graduate of the Inseec Bordeaux business school, Anne launched her blog because of her two young children’s food allergies.

As a pioneering site, Papilles & Pupilles now enjoys a key place in the world of culinary blogs.

Papilles & Pupilles, in a few figures:

  • More than 6 million* unique visitors per month
  • More than 8 million* page views per month
  • Daily traffic: 241,000 visitors
  • On social media: 260,000 Facebook followers, 557,500 Pinterest followers, 77,300 Instagram followers

One of the first culinary blogs on the internet to receive over 6.3 million* unique monthly visitors.

With no airs and graces, the author shares:

  • Easy and tasty recipes
  • Information and reviews on products, producers, chefs, restaurants and more
  • Travel: sharing cuisines from around the world (France and abroad)
  • Favourite eateries

For more than 3 years, Anne has been creating original wild mushroom recipes for Maison Borde. Simple but tasty recipes for the pleasure of our consumers. Papilles & Pupilles allows us to get closer to our end consumer through the blog’s community, in order to meet their expectations.

*Based on Google Analytics data: monthly average 2021.

fondation paul bocuse

The Paul Bocuse Foundation

For several years, Maison Borde has been a member of the board of directors of the Paul Bocuse Foundation. The Foundation is committed to perpetuating the traditions of culinary heritage, maintaining the values of the restaurant trade, but also passing on the high standards, techniques and know-how that are essential in hospitality professions. Passionate about our profession, we support the initiatives of the Paul Bocuse Foundation, helping beneficiaries through scholarships, educational workshops on wild mushrooms and assistance with professional reintegration.

Trophée jean rougié

Jean Rougié Trophy

In 2010, the city of Sarlat and the Rougié and Pebeyre families created the Jean Rougié Trophy. We are proud to be a partner of this competition reserved for hospitality students as we are very committed to sharing knowledge, an inalienable value within our profession and in the field of gastronomy. The Jean Rougié Trophy is an opportunity to discover the talent of tomorrow, judged by the greatest chefs in French and foreign gastronomy.

les maisons marcon

The brotherhood of wild mushrooms in Gévaudan

This brotherhood was born in 2017 in Saugues, driven by a group of wild mushroom lovers. Its aim is to promote the world of wild mushrooms through various events: gourmet hikes, conferences, tastings and mushroom fairs, etc. A specific costume was created for members of the association: a cape and a hat in a colour scheme reminiscent of the porcini mushroom itself (cream and brown).

Every year, parades are organised, as well as the induction of new members into the brotherhood to breathe new life into the organisation and perpetuate the specific traditions of our region. Recently, Régis and Jacques Marcon, chefs renowned for their involvement in the world of wild mushrooms, were elected to the rank of knights of the brotherhood.

Les toques d'Auvergne

The Toques d’Auvergne

Our chef Benoît Fromager (chef of the La Terrasse restaurant in Saugues) is a member of the Toques d'Auvergne. This is an association of more than 50 chefs from Auvergne : Michelin-starred chefs, Bib Gourmand winners, recognised chefs and promising young talents.

Short supply chains, quality products, working with local producers and respecting the seasonality of products are just some of the values advocated by the Toques d'Auvergne. The aim of the association is to make Auvergne known for its gastronomic wealth. The member chefs continually reinvent themselves to work with authentic products through traditional Auvergne recipes. Innovation is also important in sharing their passions. Maison Borde, as a family business from Auvergne (43), is committed to supporting local associations, and culinary organisations in particular.

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