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Maison Borde, mushroom wholesaler for food service professionals

cepes borde

Are you a food service professional / wholesaler looking for more information about our products?

Maison Borde, an expert in wild mushrooms since 1920, has selected exceptional mushrooms from the finest regions.

A wide range of packaging is available to provide you with a complete and personalised offer to suit your needs:

  • Dried mushrooms
  • Freeze-dried mushrooms
  • Canned mushrooms
  • Frozen mushrooms
  • Mushrooms as cooking solutions

Our offer for professionals

Exceptional mushrooms valued by restaurateurs and wholesalers

Maison Borde offers a very wide selection of wild mushrooms for food service professionals and wholesalers. The mushrooms are packaged in specially designed large-format packaging, making them easy to use on a daily basis.

As a medium-sized family business based in the Haute-Loire, Borde is committed to offering products tailored to its clients' needs, with impeccable quality and service.

Different types of packaging for different uses

In order to meet your needs, we offer mushrooms in different forms: dried, preserved, frozen, freeze-dried or as cooking solutions. Each method of preservation offers advantages depending on how the mushrooms are subsequently used.

Dried or freeze-dried mushrooms are two preservation methods that reproduce aromas and flavours in the best possible way, and are mainly used in sauces, gratins, veloutés and omelettes, or incorporated into pasta, risotto or purées. They bring a distinct and very pleasant undergrowth flavour.

In partnership with three-star chefs Régis and Jacques Marcon, we have created the "Les Grandes Origines" range (Great Origins) especially dedicated to catering professionals. A selection of dried wild mushrooms with exceptional flavours, from the best regions in France and around the world.

Canned mushrooms (aluminium bags, metal cans or glass jars) have the advantage of being ready to use and are ideal for making terrines, omelettes, persillade, sauces, stuffing, etc. Because of the way they are preserved, their taste is less pronounced than dried mushrooms, but they have subtle flavours.

Using frozen mushrooms is similar to using fresh mushrooms. Instantly ready to use, whether whole or as granules of varying sizes, they can be easily incorporated into a wide variety of dishes, adding a distinct, original flavour. They are highly practical, which makes them a staple product: sautéed in a pan with a little garlic and parsley, in pasta with cream, in a risotto, in a velouté, in an emulsion, in stuffings, in an omelette...

Our range of cooking solutions, which has been created with chef Philippe Brun (starred restaurant Le Haut-Allier in Alleyras) are natural products designed for chefs, ready to use for inventive, tasty cuisine. Our cooking aids, which are free from preservatives and colourings, are a real concentrate of all the aromas and flavours that chefs are looking for in their cuisine.

cèpes déshydrates

Flavours, tastes, and nutritional benefits

With over fifteen varieties of wild and cultivated mushrooms (shiitakes, oyster mushrooms), Maison Borde offers a wide range of mushrooms with an infinite palette of flavours and tastes to choose from.

Rich in fibre and protein, very low in calories (low in carbohydrates), a source of vitamins and healthy for the immune system thanks to their high content in antioxidants, mushrooms are fully in line with current trends in healthy and tasty food consumption. For instance, they can be fully integrated in vegan dishes. They are available all year round and contribute to a balanced diet while being a real treat for the taste buds.

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