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Our frozen mushrooms

Maison Borde offers a very wide range of frozen mushrooms.

Maison Borde offers a very wide range of frozen mushrooms. The IQF or "Individually Quick Frozen" process allows the individual freezing of products without the formation of crystals or any risk of foods sticking together. This is particularly important in the case of frozen mushrooms, which can contain up to 90% water. Thanks to freezing, the organoleptic qualities of the mushroom are preserved (appearance, taste and texture, etc.). At Borde, our mushrooms are stored and kept in a negative cold room at -18°. A great advantage of our frozen mushrooms is that they can be enjoyed all year round and cooked like fresh mushrooms without prior thawing. For example, these mushrooms can be fried in the pan for a persillade or a delicious mushroom omelette. What's more, frozen mushrooms offer the closest taste to that of fresh mushrooms. These are high-quality products: rich in flavour and taste. Easily incorporated in their ready-to-use state, frozen mushrooms are therefore an essential in your freezers for inventive and delicious cooking. With these, you'll be able to whip up various preparations in no time – while adding a woody touch! Here are a few quick recipe ideas to make with frozen mushrooms: velouté, omelette, persillade, sauces and pan-fried vegetables, etc. We recommend keeping our frozen mushrooms in the refrigerator for 24 hours after opening or in the freezer until the date stated on the package.

How do you prepare frozen mushrooms?

There are two options: pan-fried or blanched.


The first method is to cook frozen mushrooms the same way you would fresh, without thawing. If you want to chop them up, however, let them thaw for 15 minutes. Then, cook them in a very hot pan over high heat without fat, until all the water in the mushrooms has evaporated. You can then drain them if any water remains. Add a little oil or butter to brown them.


The second method is to blanche frozen mushrooms by immersing them in boiling water for 20 seconds, then enjoy them as they are or use them in your recipes. In both cases, the mushrooms must be cooked thoroughly before consumption and lightly browned to retain their crunchy side.

How do you cook frozen mushrooms?

Once prepared, your mushrooms are ready to cook. All you have to do is season them to your tastes and cook them according to your chosen recipe. For quick and easy use, simply add a little garlic and parsley once the mushrooms are golden. Enjoy! They can also be enjoyed in pasta or with a little cream to accompany a meat (veal or poultry). For even tastier mushrooms, we offer more elaborate recipes based on frozen mushrooms: omelette, risotto, velouté, emulsion, stuffings and more.

Our range of frozen mushrooms

Whole porcini mushrooms

Diced porcini mushrooms

Small chanterelles

Extra morels

Wild mushrooms mix

Mushroom cocktail

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