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Our freeze-dried mushrooms

Maison Borde offers a wide range of freeze-dried mushrooms.

Freeze-drying consists in removing water from the product by a sublimation process. The product goes from a frozen state to a dried state, without going through a liquid state. Water is eliminated in the form of steam in a vacuum environment.

What are the benefits of freeze-drying?

  • Strong taste and intense flavour
  • An alternative to fresh mushrooms: available all year round
  • Natural product, free from additives and preservatives

What are the benefits of freeze-dried mushrooms?

  • Ready to use, instant rehydration
  • Lightweight product, more than 95% of water is extracted
  • Long shelf life
  • Optimal preservation of organoleptic qualities
  • Mushrooms in their purest form

What is the difference between freeze-dried and dried mushrooms?

  • 100 g dried porcini: rehydrate for 30 minutes / 20 portions
  • 100 g freeze-dried porcini: rehydrate for a few seconds / 30 portions

How do you rehydrate freeze-dried mushrooms?

Dip the desired amount of Freeze-Dried Mushrooms in lukewarm milk or water. Leave them for 30 seconds,no more. Press them to remove the excess water. Brown them for a few minutes in a pan to help eliminate water. They are then ready to be cooked according to the chosen recipe.

Tip: you can put the freeze-dried mushrooms directly in a pan with sour cream or in a soup. It is not necessary to rehydrate them beforehand.

How do you cook freeze-dried mushrooms?

Sautéed in a pan with olive oil, a little garlic and herbs. To incorporate in a vegetable pot or an omelet. Ideal for preparing sauces: with liquid cream to coat pasta, for basmatti rice or with poultry.

Others suggestions: to make a mushroom risotto.

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