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Being responsible

Our commitments

Issues and actions


Borde, a specialist in wild mushrooms, is one of 135 small and medium-sized. French companies recognised by the PME+ label for their responsible approach. This label proves a commitment to the implementation of concrete actions to meet societal issues.

Our values

Team spirit, passion, expertise, innovation, loyalty

CSR Policy

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach is based on four main pillars:

Gender equality: gender equality index – our next action in this regard is the calculation and reporting of our gender equality index.

Reducing inequalities: our recruitment policy aims to reduce inequalities through the absence of discrimination.

Safety at work: through the occupational health and safety committee, certain actions have been implemented – particularly in our frozen workshop, following the study carried out by the AIST occupational-health agency.

Workplace wellness: following individual interviews, a barometer was set up to measure this indicator.

Prevention of psychosocial risks: implementation of reflexology sessions.

Human capital development: development of employees' skills and training.
Reducing our water consumption: over the past seven years, we have reduced our water consumption by 42%. But, we’re not stopping there – we will be carrying out an Eco-flow diagnosis to enable us to further improve our figures.

Controlling energy: conversion of the entire lighting installation to LED to reduce and optimise electricity consumption. 350 LED lights were installed.

Performance of the Eco-flow diagnosis in order to best define possible environmental actions.

Continuing to recycle waste: each year, we recycle an average of 230 tonnes of waste.

Working on the eco-design of packaging: planned eco-design launch with life-cycle study.
Continuing our commitment to workers with disabilities: integration of employees with disabilities, working with ESAT or CAT as service providers. In 2021, we created a permanent contract for a person with a disability.

Development of our commitments with various local associations: sports and cultural associations. Our business is a sponsor of the Chaise-Dieu music festival, a partner of the Haute-Loire heritage-foundation sponsors club and a supporter of the Celtic music festival in Saugues.

Continuity of support for local projects: a project to create a Mushroom City is planned for the end of 2023 with the creation of a museum space, a cooking school and a local bistro.

Sharing our profession and approach with young people: they are the ambassadors of our future.
Implementation of an ethical charter shared among our stakeholders.

Identifying our stakeholders' expectations: establishment of a CSR questionnaire to inform our service providers of our approach and to collect their expectations.

Continuity of sharing and willingness to develop our approach internally and with our partners.

Crisis-management policy: better response to quality complaints and information.

Selected origins


Securing the supply of mushrooms is a strategic operation given the irregularity of harvests and the instability of prices. Over the years, Maison Borde has built a reliable supply network that allows it to select the best raw materials at source.

Whether in Eastern Europe, South America, Asia or France, sourcing is carried out worldwide with one major concern: impeccable quality. It is based on long-term partnerships and the implementation of strict specifications with our suppliers.

Laboratoire Nathalie

A major concern


In food, trust is the indispensable foundation on which a brand is built. It requires a high level of quality. The mushroom is a fragile product, extremely sensitive and permeable to its environment. From the outset, the Borde company has proven its know-how in the implementation of rigorous procedures which guarantee unbeatable levels of quality.

  • HACCP method
  • BRC and IFS certification
  • Quality-control points throughout the production process
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