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Maison Borde, mushroom wholesaler for food industry professionals

cepes borde

Are you a food industry professional looking for more information about our products?

Maison Borde, an expert in wild mushrooms since 1920, has selected exceptional mushrooms from the finest regions.

A wide range of packaging is available to provide you with a complete and personalised offer to suit your needs:

  • Dried mushrooms
  • Powdered and granule mushrooms
  • Canned mushrooms
  • Prepared mushrooms
  • Frozen mushrooms
  • Mushrooms as cooking solutions

Our offer for professionals

Mushrooms, ingredients widely used by food industry professionals

They play a key role in the development of recipes and industrial preparations for distribution.

A family business founded in 1920, Maison Borde is an expert in wild mushrooms, supplying a large number of companies in the food industry. Thanks to its expertise, Maison Borde has developed a real expertise over many years to meet the most exacting requirements of industrials by supplying them with products perfectly suited to their needs.

A tailor-made offer

Our mushrooms are available in four different storage methods: dried, canned, frozen and freeze-dried, and we can design packaging to suit your needs.

We have developed real expertise in processing and packaging mushrooms according to our clients' specifications.

Our mushrooms, which are authentic IFPs (Intermediate Food Products), are prepared in our workshops in the Haute-Loire department to meet quality and taste criteria. For example, offering a high level of bacteriological quality is very important to satisfy the requirements of our industrial clients.

Whether granulated, bulk, powdered or packaged in aluminium bags, we can supply mushrooms in all forms. Thanks to our flexible production facilities and available sales teams, we are able to carefully study even the most specific requests.

cèpes déshydrates

Flavour, taste and nutrition: an asset for food service professionals

With over fifteen varieties of wild and cultivated mushrooms (shiitakes, oyster mushrooms), Maison Borde offers a wide range of mushrooms representing an infinite palette of flavours and tastes.

Rich in fibre and protein, very low in calories (low in carbohydrates), a source of vitamins and healthy for the immune system thanks to their high content in antioxidants, mushrooms are fully in line with current trends in healthy food consumption. In particular, they are perfect for use in vegan preparations. Available all year round, Borde mushrooms fully meet all the expectations of food service professionals.

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